Building a Better Business by Building a Better Bod! Day 1

Building a Better Business by Building a Better Body!

Day 1

“If you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t take care of those people and things that matter the most to you.”  I don’t think that’s an exact quote, and I’m not sure who said it, but I like it.  So, today I decided to put fitness first and hope that the rest of my business life will fall into place.  As an added motivator, I’m attending a wedding in 30 days – here’s my test to see if I can shed a few pounds, grow my business, and in general, keep my commitment to myself.

This morning, in honor of my friends who just completed the San Diego Rock and Roll ½ Marathon yesterday, I donned my running shoes and took off for a huff-and-puff jog/walk combo in my neighborhood before the sun laid out its plan to heat the day.  It was a little balmy and humid, but I persisted, doing extra hills and listening to some business audios on my ipod.  : )  I was able to clear my head and plan my day while taking in some extra motivation through my audio.  I came back to my office feeling refreshed and ready to charge ahead with some new Ideas and a renewed feeling of fitness.

Food wise… coffee and a protein shake.  So far, so good.  It’s the after hours and mid-day snack attacks that are primarily to blame for my not achieving any pound-shed.  Let’s see if this morning’s turn of events make a difference.  Any suggestions for sticking with this plan?

Tomorrow… weights and swimming – how will that tie in with my business growth?  Check in tomorrow to find out.

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