Day 3: Start Early to Get It Done

Here in the high desert, it gets hot before 9 a.m. – maybe not as scorching as the lower parts of the state this time of year, but hot nonetheless.  Sleeping in is no longer an option for outdoor activity and exercise.  I learned that today, when I went for my morning jog/walk by 7:30.  I was feeling the pain (and the heat) by the time I was done.  “Must get up earlier, must get up earlier” became my mantra for the duration of my jog.  I found that I wanted to push myself a little harder (remember.. my tendency NOT to do so), and amazingly, I felt like I was able to “push through the toughness” – when I looked down I really WAS jogging a little bit faster – who know you could actually jog “to get places” instead of just going through the motions! ?

As per my now-new-routine, I thought about pushing through the toughness of business and what it means to “get up early and get it done.”  The mornings are my best time to do work – are they for you?  I know that because I have energy (after a few cups of java) — I love starting my day.  (I also love ending my day when I get to go to sleep.  It’s that in-between that can get a little drab if there’s no plan!)

Picking 3 MITs (most important tasks) each day, the plan ahead seems less overwhelming.  So, why not use the most effective time of the day to get the most effective work done?  I know that I have work that will generate income for me, so why do I tend to take care of those tasks last?  No more.  Those jobs will become more of a priority.  You best check in with me to see how I’m doing!

Working at home means it’s easy to become sidetracked – anyone who has done this before knows that.  Even if you haven’t done it before, you still know what it’s like when you’re paying bills, doing “home” work, etc. – too many other things are beckoning your time.  SO!  Tackle the tough and important stuff first, and you’ll feel virtuous the rest of the day!  Are ya with me?

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