Today: Shake It Up for Some Added Variety

Missed my a.m. workout; stayed up too late watching “Losing It With Jillian” – new favorite show that covers it all: laughter, fear, pain, tears!  I also had plans to meet a friend for coffee, and I never refuse an opportunity to meet when it revolves around food! Challenge was: would I give in the muffins, or stick with the healthier yogurt / fruit/ granola combo?

Before leaving, I emailed my dilemma to one of my friends who offered, “Have the yogurt on me!”  Hey, how could I refuse?   I “virtually” took her up on that offer!  Yup, I made the healthier choice and ate the fruit and yog.  I probably would not have done that if she hadn’t reached out to me with that oomph of encouragement.  In retrospect, I am still not sure how the chocolate chip dark chocolate muffins can be called low-fat, so it’s probably a good thing.  (When asked, this place did not have a nutrition pamphlet.)

Healthy choice in the a.m., healthy choice at lunch.  My new comfort food in a pinch is my version of spaghetti-os.  Friends still don’t believe that’s one of my favorite foods – LOVE THEM!  To lighten it up, I heated up Sheritaki noodles, Laughing Cow traditional Swiss cheese, a dab of spaghetti sauce and a chopped up turkey dog.  Did the trick with a fraction of the calories.  Yum!

The day only half over, and already having missed my a.m. workout, I’m looking forward to swimming… will I get there on time to get a lane??

You can rest easy. I did get a lane after a few minutes – and I am loving this swimming variation to my exercise routine.  In business, it’s also good to shake up the routine a bit.  Even though I had a late start today, I didn’t get too worked up about not being on schedule.  I took care of  few of those nagging tasks (to combat some of my procrastination problem!) and worked more on my newsletter and other writing projects… just for a change of pace.  When it all becomes too routine, it can also become all too boring.  Creatively, it felt really good to work on all the writing projects at one time.  I kept visualizing “stretching my limits” when I was swimming – in the end, I felt as though lots was accomplished, and I’m feeling leaner and meaner in my biz and with my bod!

Yipee!  It’s almost the weekend — what challenges does the weekend present for your business and life?

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