Day 5: Prepping and Planning to Stay on Course

Building a Better Business While Building a Better Bod!

Day 5:  Prepping and Planning to Stay on Course

With the weekend coming up, I always strive to finish what’s on my desk so I don’t have anything hanging over my head in the next few days.  It’s just much nicer to come into the office on Monday morning with a clear head and a clear desk.  I’ve been keeping that discipline in mind lately and, coincidentally, I’m sleeping much better!  Just digging in and “getting it done” will help you, too, feel like you don’t have much to worry about during your down time.  I read this somewhere, and I love it… “if we work as hard every day as we do the day before we’re going on vacation…” you get it!

For my a.m. exercise, I did a little walk/jog; the weather was SO windy it was a struggle to move forward.  Here’s another revelation:  when things don’t always go as planned, just “keep moving forward” and be happy that you did SOMETHING, instead of nothing at all.  Overall, five days in, I’m feeling little lighter and looking forward to the weekend.  Which means… planning ahead in this area also.

With a few upcoming celebrations this weekend, I want to make sure I make it a priority to “eat healthy first thing in the morning.”  When you start out healthy, it sets the mind for keeping it in check, or at least you can say, “Well, I did eat a healthy breakfast!”  One of my go-to plans is to limit my carbs.  I’ve found that if I limit carbs when I’m going out to dinner or when I’m on vacation, I feel more in control.  You never know what’s in that breadbasket, or that pasta.  So, I go for a burger without the bun, a few less chips than normal (I LOVE CHIPS!) and protein in between to keep me full.  Just knowing that I have to be accountable will (hopefully) do the trick.  Check in with me later to find out!

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