Day 8: Charting New Territory

Over the weekend, I decided I would venture into some new areas with my business and with my fitness routine.  Come Monday (today), time to make it happen.

For fitness I decided to try Zumba Dance – the class is on Tuesday / Thursday, so stay tuned to find out more when I blog about Day 9.  This takes some major “psyching-up” — remember the whole swimming thing??   For business, I decided to repurpose some of this content into a profitable product.

Since Zumba isn’t scheduled for today (but I did make the point to plan for it),  let’s talk business and how I’ll repurpose these posts, and how you can repurpose your posts also.

The easiest and most obvious plan is to put all the posts into a document, do some editing and make the information available as a downloadable e-book.  Snippets of my revelations along the way can easily be turned into tweets and mini-posts.   And, by combining a few posts here and there, a batch of articles can be crafted.  These repurposing ideas will take some time, but that’s what this journey of discovery is all about.

(Now, even if you’re not interested in the business part of all this, you can still journal your experiences along the way and share with me what you are learning as we go along.)

Since Mondays are one of my “jog” days, I stuck with the plan.  I’d really like to be more of a runner — some days are better than others!  Today, I listened to some more motivational audios on my MP3.  (I love learning while I’m exercising – is there a better way to time manage?!)  Even though it’s comforting (and tempting) to use the same route when walking or running, this adventure is all about shaking it up and doing things differently.  What’s that common saying?  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  Hello!  I changed my route and discovered some new scenery in my neighborhood, which gave me different milestones to gauge my distance, and fresh perspectives on my thinking.  As long as I keep moving and keep tracking my progress I don’t see how I can fail in this little project of mine.  Any feedback and tips that you’re implementing to change up your routine?

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