Days 6 and 7: When the Weekend Strikes, All Is Not Lost

This weekend gave me some time to think about where I’m going and what I’m seeking to accomplish with my “Build a Better Business by Building a Better Bod” blog.  Here’s what I’ve learned and discovered about myself, so far (in five days):

  • Just when I thought I had hit a wall with creative ideas for my business, I have found that being accountable to this blog has kept me more productive with how I spend my days. More productivity = more creative thinking.
  • The time I schedule for exercise gives me the time to focus on how I want to grow my business and where I want to spend my time.  Coincidence or positive thinking:  This week I gained 2 new clients.
  • I allowed myself to plan for the week to come.  I decided to try a new fitness class:  Zumba dance.  And, for business, the plan is to work on ways to repurpose these blog posts into something profitable.
  • I made sure I did some type of exercise at least one day of the weekend.  I knew I had some parties and celebrations coming up, so I planned to do a long walk.  With the weekend also being the only time to “get other things done” I was on a  roll with clearing out the clutter of my home and ended up only giving in to about 30 minutes of walking.  But… when I did walk, I made sure I walked at a faster pace, and that I put plenty of hills in my route.

Overall, I realize I am making better choices both in my business and with my fitness habits.

P.S.: New favorite comfort go-to food: grated cauliflower.  If you have a food processor, it also works to grate up the cauliflower so much that it looks like rice.  If you like to trick your psyche like I do, it can even taste like rice with seasonings and fake butter.  Bring it on!

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