Day 9: Having the Right Tools for the Job

Currently on my desk is the book The Power of Focus.  In a short time, this book has taught me what it means to keep major goals in the forefront by focusing on the positive instead of the negative.  Now, we’ve all read books that talk about the power of positive thinking, etc.  I believe it’s all about timing… i.e., what time of your life you read something, when it will stick.  Right now, because I think there’s some alignment with how I’m structuring this blog in my business and in my fitness, some of the what that book talks about sticks.

The book asks me to make a list of all my negative habits.  Is there enough paper?! Haha.  While I don’t think I have that many negative habits, making at list will help me acknowledge those I do have.  I may be surprised!  One by one I’m to find ways to eliminate those negative habits. That may sound contrary to what were often told, which is to focus on the positive, but I kind of like this new way of looking at it.  In a year, I might have a good handful of “habits’ out the door.  I think I’ll start that list.

As I was doing my jog this morning, my MP3 player ran out of juice.  Nothing irritates me more than not planning to charge my MP3.  I always lose contact in the middle of a great song or great workout.  This brought to mind the rule of having the right tools. Planning and making sure all works before you find yourself coming up short.  I dealt with it, but I’d much prefer my songs along the way. Note to self: as soon as I get home charge that MP3!  To make up for it, I scheduled another walk with a friend – plan to do lots of hills.

Fast forward to my workday. Last night it made sense for me to prepare for the day by having my materials ready and my desk cleared – that’s another way of having the right tools.  My day was much more focused, I felt like I had everything in front of me and I wasn’t short handed in any of my areas.  When we don’t have the right tools, we’re forced to compromise or do a workaround.  Not always the smartest plan.  What are some of the tools you use to get ahead in business and in fitness?

Fun and inspiring movie:  “Run, Fat Boy, Run” – a great flick about a guy who’s down on his luck in his relationships and life, and decides to run a marathon in London. Check it out!

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