Day 10: Transforming Old Habits

Having made it through more than half the week, I’ve started my list of Negative Habits, and ended up with a handful worth changing. Oddly enough, one negative habit showed up in two different ways — procrastination.  In retrospect, I realize that procrastination has cost me missed opportunities in the forms of: a higher airfare, a filled-up class, late attendance at an event, a missed deadline.  When I look at those missed opportunities, the first feeling that surfaces for me is regret, which I’ve already identified as one of the worst feelings I could have.  Past events have caused me to regret certain actions – I don’t like feeling that way.  Clearly, procrastination has to be the first habit to change.  Any suggestions?

I’m looking forward to some weight loss this week.  I’ve worked hard and somehow managed two workouts every day so far.  If you can’t fit in two workouts a day, do what you can when you can do it in simple ways.  Add few more minutes to spin, take stairs instead, do some hills, make it count.  When I was swimming, I set a limit for a certain number of laps regardless of how long it took.  When I did those laps, I noticed I still had time on the clock before we had to leave the pool; I added a few more laps. That felt good, and I hope it will show up on the scale later this week when I weigh in.

One new factor of my business-building blog journey is that I’ve crafted a contract.  Strange as it may sound, I’ve only used a contract a few times.  I now have my own “work for hire” agreement that outlines everything I’m expected to do for a client so that both of us are clear on what’s being performed and what’s being expected.  I really feel good about this and how it will impact the level of my business and professionalism.  I used it for the first time yesterday, and my client had no problem reading it and signing it.  Oh, and I’ve also had an “old” client come back in the door.  That’s three clients this week, if you count the “old” one.  Feelin’ good and rockin’ on!

Let’s see what Friday has in store and whether I can get a handle on tackling my procrastination issue!

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