Back in the Swim after a Change of Plans

Days 11 – 18

This week encountered some unexpected visitors and plans; my routine was changed up a bit and time previously scheduled for priorities didn’t always occur.  Looking back, while it’s good to change it up a bit, too much flexibility can also be an obstacle.  In the coming weeks, I vow to keep the path straight and focused.  Putting exercise off to the side for the most part, I was able to hop back in the pool yesterday which gave me time to think about what I have learned.

  • You can’t control what others will do.
  • Sometimes planning ahead by keeping a protein bar in the car will keep energy up (especially when you have to drive 25 miles down a country road to meet a client, get lost and end up running late to another meeting).
  • Needless worrying keeps me awake at night; at my age, I need the sleep!
  • Taking part in some type of exercise each day (even for 10 minutes) is imperative for a clear mind.  (I found that I really missed it.)
  • A contract is necessary in business, especially if you feel a “red flag” at any time during the provider/client relationship.
  • Keeping track of eating habits really does keep it in check; even if you choose something that’s not healthy, writing it down makes it real.
  • Writing takes practice; belonging to a writing group is great fun!
  • Thinking about the past is inevitable; learning from it is exceptional.
  • There is nothing like a good book.  My latest recommendation for a 2-day read: Memoir Miss American Pie by Margaret Sartor
  • Planning for the weekend makes for a  better Monday.
  • Being too accommodating loses a sense of self.
  • Moving my office outdoors (like right now) is a great way to start the day.
  • Going out to eat is NOT a special occasion every time, and often lends itself to poor choices.  Really.  It’s just another meal.
  • Investing in a desktop timer is a great way to get some tasks done in 10 minute increments.
  • Family preservation is important in the form of stories and pictures. What’s yours?

Okay.  I probably learned a few more things this week, but in a week of disruption, that’s the best I can do!  Here’s to a better, more focused and straight path of production next week.

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