Another Beginning, Another Chance

I love beginnings… the beginning of the week, beginning a new book that’s been recommended, beginning a new day, and especially the beginning of a new year.  Starting something new gives me chance to reassess the past and make my own rules for what’s to come, having hopefully learned a little along the way over the past year.  Yup, I get to make my own rules.  Every.  Single.  Time. 

Beginnings give us a new vision, a new roadmap to where we want to go.  We don’t have to do it the same way, ever again.  We think, today I will begin to… this year I will begin… It’s a way to try something you haven’t started, or finish something that was lost along the way.

What are you going to begin this year?  Is it that novel you’ve always wanted to write?  A memoir about an event, incident or special time in your life?  The degree you’ve always wanted to pursue?  Plans for the trip of a lifetime you’ve only dreamed about until now? 

While I can’t help you with everything on your list, if it’s writing help you need to finally start, finish or repurpose those writing projects, maybe we can chat and work together on those goals for 2011.  I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Spartacus Said:

    I’m challenging myself to achieve quite a lot this year. There are three books that I’ve been slowly working on for a while (admittedly two of them are more about collating rather than writing as such) and plan to self-publish, hopefully this year. I used to write all the time and work on various writing and other creative projects but over the past 5 years I’ve fallen away from such pursuits and hoping that this is the year I can turn it round! Blogging every day (and taking a photo every day) certainly seems like a good start.

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