Word of the Year…Round Two

Last year, I kicked the concept of a new year’s resolution out the door.  Instead, I found some useful advice by my pals from Marketing-Mentor and decided to go with a “word of the year”  instead.

As you can guess, the premise is that you pick a word that will help guide many of the decisions you’ll encounter throughout the year.  I loved my word of the year; it made me think twice about alot of my actions and make better choices for what I was doing personally, and how I was running my business.  I even shared my word.  Yup, gave someone else the chance to take thatvery – word!  Gasp!  You mean, it’s not just MY word??  I felt a little disloyal to my little word.  But, truth be told, we all know that when you make something more public, you actually become more accountable.  And, that is true.  You’ve put it out there and you don’t want to go back on your word… so to speak. 

This year, if you decide to adopt a word of the year, don’t make it just a word… make it drive your life!  The start of a new year gives us a chance to start again.  I now have a word for 2011.  Pssst… it might even be the SAME word.  But, already I’m excited about how it’s going to shape my business and my decisions this year.

What about you?  Do you make resolutions, or adopt a word of the year?  How does it work for you?

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