Drag and Drop, and Making it All Work

This past summer, some of you read my “Building a Better Business While Building a Better Bod” blog. In it, I paralleled ways to build my business while motivating myself to exercise and eat better.  Would making myself FEEL better actually have an impact on my business?  Turns out, it did (for the most part); at least during the time I was tracking my results.  In that time, I put myself out there, tried some new things, overcame a few fears and felt pretty good, in general.

However, I also wrote a confession that, while my initial intentions were good, some things don’t always go as planned.  Does this sound familiar?  Schedules don’t always mesh.  Interruptions will always occur.  And life just happens, preventing a planned day to become a completely different event.  Some days it’s easier to “pick up right where you left off” and other days it’s like, “Why did I even try?”  Either way, it’s okay.  (It took me a long time to realize that!)  It doesn’t hurt to give yourself permission to be human every once in a while. 

I’m not very patient.  Like many of you, I want results now.  I refuse to understand why things can’t be done more quickly.  As a result, I do either one of two things: (1)  become completely frustrated that it’s not getting done quickly; or (2) abandon the effort altogether!

With so many changes that have occurred for our family over the past six months ( all good), I am realizing that just because something can’t be done quickly doesn’t mean that it won’t be done at all.  In work and in life.  And, while a marketing calendar doesn’t help with all of life’s challenges, it does do an effective job at planning my work day in my home office. 

I especially like Marketing-Mentor’s new downloadable calendar that plunks right into your existing online calendar so you can sync what you have scheduled for real life with what you have scheduled for work.  Now, I have a much more effective schedule for my work, and I don’t beat myself up if some of my tasks can’t be done that day.  Sometimes we just run out of time.  In those cases, I just drag and drop that task to the next day, and make time for something else.  How easy is that?

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