Personal Histories — My Perfect Fit

I first started helping people create their own personal histories when I had a typing and transcription business “back in the 90s” – amidst the student papers, legal transcriptions, resumes and business plans, some of my clients had stories to tell, and they asked me to help.  They would tell their stories, and I’d tape record the conversation, transcribe what was said and print it out for them.

Since then, my experience has grown and technology has advanced.  I’ve reformatted some personal stories for print, retyped many handwritten notes,  and provided layout and editing for books so people could share them with family and friends.  I love hearing the stories that people have to tell, and I love reading memoirs.  Whenever I come across an especially remarkable one, I tweet about it!

So, it seems a natural fit that I’ve decided to re-focus on this phase of my business, one that allows me to contribute to helping people create their personal histories and life stories.  Last week, I was fortunate enough to be featured on a local television show where I was able to let people know just what I do with Memoir Creations, and how I do it.  Very exciting!

Don’t put it off any longer — tell the tales you want to share.  Do you want to know more?  We can start simple, and see where it takes us.

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