A Few Good Reads

I’ve been a little lazy with my blog posts this summer so I’m going to cheat and let you know what blogs I’m reading these days.

I subscribe to RSS Feeds and blogs all the time, every few months I sift out the ones I find that I’m not reading and replace them with others. Here are a few I’m liking, right here… right now.

Simple Productivity Blog features useful articles for making life a lot easier and well, more productive.  A recent post “5 Minutes That Could Change Your Life” offered up some great tips.  MmmmCrafts taps into my creative side; Larissa is sooooooooo creative and has a great writing style. If you like all things craft, and enjoy true-to-life writing, you’ll want to check her out.  Small Business News Tips is another good one – there I have found contests for small business, and easy ways to get information quickly – they’re on the cutting edge.  After two years, I’m still a fan of the Marketing Mix blog, especially Deidre’s posts – true, witty, she speaks to us about the realities of owning a writing business and servicing clients, and making money in these challenging times.  And, lastly, my guilty pleasure blog – GOOP.  (By the way, I am still reading the Royal Wedding Blog although Will and Kate have been a little lazy with their posts, too!)

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