Charging Ahead with Square

I finally made the leap and can now accept credit card payments in person or over the phone for all my services! That means, for any of my customers who want to pay via credit card, I can now do that for them.  This feels like I’ve launched my business by miles just by making this one small (and admittedly, simple) change.  For a small business like me who spends loads of time doing billing once a month, this makes my administrative tasks exceedingly simple… and green.

In January, after reading an article in Entrepreneur magazine, I ordered Square.  That’s the little gadget you plug into the top of your phone and install through your market.  It’s taken me five months to explore it.  Why?  I’m not so sure since it only took up 10 minutes in my day to install, log in, set

it's only about 1-1/2 inches

It took me longer to take a decent picture of this than it did to install and test it out!

up and test run.  Why didn’t I do this sooner??  I’ve read many pros and cons about credit card payment companies that force expensive contracts, etc.  Square and others like it will be the wave of the future as we gravitate more and more to doing business of all kinds, economically and easily, from a teensy little device we can hold in our palms.

So, who wants to be the first to charge a payment?!  : )

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