Blog Post: Three-Tip Thursday – Ideas for Posts

Last Thursday, I shared tips I learned while working with my web guy.  Did you read them?  This week, I’m still working on my web problem,  but it’s become clear to me that I need to be specific and detail-oriented with what I am asking him to do.  We’re making progress!  Today’s Three-Tip Thursday comes about through my brainstorming for content related to my blog posts and tweets.  I tweet every day, sometimes twice a day, and I re-tweet at least five posts by others that I find interesting.  In my own tweets I offer tips, links and news related to writing, memoir, and business in general.  That’s not to say that I don’t have some roadblocks along the way.  If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas for posts, here are three tips you can use today:

  1. Listen to the radio.  With NPR in the background I can always find some items of interest.  From mental health statistics, to Facebook updates, to Science Friday, there’s always a piece of info to tweet about or share with someone.
  2. Search for your topic on the Internet.  I know… this sounds pretty obvious, right?  You’ll be amazed at the new content that keeps popping up.  For example:  I help people preserve their personal and family histories so I might type in “personal history events” or “best selling memoirs”… you get the idea.  Type in your business or topic to find a wealth of links and news that you can pass on to your followers – you don’t even have to be original – many will let you re-post with permission.  Keeping links in your posts will increase your ranking and visibility.  You really don’t have to come up with the ideas on your own!
  3. Share a story.  What happened to you this week that made you think about your business and the lessons you learned?  Did you experience really great (or really bad) customer service?  Those stories are always worth sharing.  What about a pat on the back or a suggestion from a client or colleague?  Worth sharing?  Tweet about it!

What are some of your tips for finding content?  Send me some ideas and I might be able to share them in my newsletter or upcoming blog – with your permission, of course.  Reach me at

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