Blog Post: Free Friday Recommendations

Just finished Ava’s Man and on to another memoir.  What’s your recommendation for me?   Remember, if you recommend a memoir, I’ll post it and enter your name in drawing.  Each month, I’ll draw for a memoir of my choice or a gift card so you can purchase your own.

I’m a huge Augusten Burroughs fan – I love his writing and how he tells his story.  Though some of his work is darker than others, his way of documenting and telling tales about his alcoholism and sobriety are different from anyone I’ve read.  The movie didn’t do much justice, so pick up the bound version of Running with Scissors.  Follow up with Dry, Magical Thinking and The Wolf at the Table.  And, check out this post from a NPR clip about his mom and how she has been portrayed in his stories.

As if Oprah needs more press, she’s now launching a NEW book club… Oprah 2.0.  Her first choice, which also happens to be on my list… Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  (Not the author’s actual last name; it is the pen name adopted when she documented her trek of self-discovery.) ” A powerful, blazingly honest memoir: the story of an eleven-hundred-mile solo hike that broke down a young woman reeling from catastrophe—and built her back up again.” (Amazon)

I’m a Nook owner, so I download all the Free Friday Downloads.  Today’s Free Friday on the Nook is:

A TIME TO LOVE by Barbara Cameron – today’s FREE FRIDAYS selection – is a perfect introduction to one of today’s hottest genres: Amish Romance. Learn more at the link below.  Amish romance?  Really?  I’m willing to check it out — the book, I mean.  What about you?

Have you heard about The Prescott Memoir Project?  If you are a Prescott resident, email me to submit your story.

Until next week!

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