Blog Post: Who’s Up Wednesday – A Guest Blogger

This week, my pal Deidre from the Marketing Mentor is moving from Ireland, where she’s been living, to the other side of the pond.  I asked her to guest blog, but I’ll cut her a wee bit ‘o slack… this time.  : )  She’s given me permission to use a past post of hers where she blogged about her Starburst Marketing Plan.  [click on that link!] I love the simplicity (and color) of this plan and give her full credit for being so inventive.  I used it in my office last year (photo below), and plan to use it in my new office this year when I finally get around to putting up a bulletin board.  I loved how it kept me focused without the clutter.

Whether you have marketing goals, health or fitness related goals, business goals, writing goals, or just plain every day goals, the Starburst Marketing Plan might make it all come together.

Read about Deidre’s adventures in the self-employment world, especially how she decided to, and eventually did, give up Facebook.  Could YOU do it??  Check out her posts… she’s down to earth, and fun to read. 

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