Blog Post: Memoir Monday

Since it’s Memoir Monday, it seems only right to share an essay called “How To Write A Memoir” — generally on Mondays I would feature excerpts from favorite memoirs or from a project I’m working on.  In my research to cite some resources, however, I found this essay.  The opening line says it all:   “I wish I had asked my mother about that…” (or my father, or my grandmother, etc.)  Are you one of those people who often feels that way?  Do you have a relative whose voice you want to preserve?  Or, maybe you want to start yours and just don’t know how.  This essay offers insight and tips for those who have thought about writing a memoir, and  addresses fears that memoir writers might have, such as privacy and confidentiality.  It’s fairly lengthy, but it does the job.

Among the many forms of personal history, memoirs can also be in the form of picture books, collections, commemorative stories, and recipe books.  One of my upcoming projects will feature scanning, organizing, displaying and preserving some old family recipes — should be a fun project for both me and the person I’m helping.  I’ll keep you posted.

Have you submitted to the Prescott Memoir Project?  If you are a tri-city resident, email me for details on how to participate.



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