Summer Class Reunions – Where Were You in ’82?

I took a break from blogging last week – it was a holiday, after all, and we had a big class reunion to attend, as well as taking part in the festivities that take place annually for the 4th of July in this great little town where we’ve made our home for the past 20 years.  It was one of those weeks where I felt like a needed a vacation when it was over!

Amidst the parades and fireworks this time of year, summer time brings up reunions of all kinds… from families reuniting in various hometowns, to big hair bands of the 80s thanks to “Rock of Ages,” to graduates from years gone by coming together to see what everyone looks like today.  A few weeks ago, we saw Van Halen in concert with David Lee Roth… a reunion of sorts, minus the great bassist Michael Anthony whose place is now filled by … well… another Van Halen.  Hardly a young one in the crowd,  the evening proved to be the complete throwback to the 80s and the perfect way to launch the upcoming Class of ’82 reunion my husband and I would soon be attending.

FF from the concert to the following weekend where many Class of ’82 alum and their families gathered at the World’s Oldest Rodeo, Downtown Whiskey Row, Antelope Hills for the golf tournament, a banquet at the new clubhouse there, and a picnic at Goldwater Lake –yup, my husband’s 30th high school reunion took over the town.

Reunions are a great place to collect stories, share memories and take more photos, and this one didn’t disappoint.  The centerpiece of each table and the photos scattered all over the room sparked a ton of conversation (see photo of centerpiece!).  I didn’t graduate from this high school, but I consider myself an honorary classmate.  My allegiance to the Class of ’82 is strong — whether it’s mine or someone else’s. (Don’t get me started.  I could go on and on about the 80s, but that’s a topic for another post!)  It’s always a blast when any of us get together.  I never get tired of hearing them reminiscence about this person or that person; I feel like I learn something new about my husband and his friends all the time, and I like that.  And, there are always stories and tributes to those who they’ve lost over the years… from right after high school to as recently as last month.  Lives cut too short.  There were many lucky classmates smiling from above that night, knowing they were still remembered through the vivid memories shared even today.  Reunions have a way of doing that.  And, that’s a good, good thing.

Have you attended a recent class reunion?  What do you remember about 1982? If you are a Prescott resident, you can submit your story about 1982 to the Prescott Memoir Project.  Contact me for more details — stories currently being collected.

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