Three Tip Thursday: Facebook Posts That Count

I’m on Facebook at least once a day.  I post for my business where I offer tips about writing and memoir, I scroll through and post and comment on my clients’ content, I spy on my family… just kidding.   Okay, kinda…

Over time I’ve found posts that grab my attention versus those that don’t.  I’m not in the pro-FB camp or the con-FB camp; there are many reasons why I could support both sides and it definitely doesn’t work for some.  What I do know is that it’s free and it’s here to stay.

So… let’s assume I’ve friended you because I know you and I care about what you’re doing; you’ve done the same to me seemingly with the same amount of interest.  Just like at a party, you’re not going to be 100 % interested in the chatter, but you hang in there… because we’re friends, right?  With that in mind:

  1. If you say something that I really don’t care about, I’m not going to unfriend you, or say something derogatory.  I’ll just chalk it up to knowing some more info about you.  We post things because we’re excited about what just happened… think about it.  We’re posting the stuff that makes us happy.  When we post a negative comment about someone’s personal experience it can have an adverse effect and friends are dropped very, very quickly over something really silly.  Don’t worry, those certain posts about babies’ milestones will come back to bite them in the future!  So, be civil and keep those private comments private through the Message feature if you feel you really do need to throw in your two cents.
  2. One of the best features about FB is that it makes us connect with others through the posted photos of where they are and what they’re doing. (Please be sure your security settings are up to date unless you want the world to know your home is unattended.) When you decide you want to post your travels,  make sure your photo is a good photo.  Have you ever seen those uploads of everything from someone’s iphone… all the pics are skewed and only half a head or some random cloud is seen.  Do we really need a close up of the beer label?  Unless you’re the head brewmeister with Four Peaks Brewery, I want to know about you, not the beer.
  3. Take the drinking shot off your profile pic.

Just like in real life, we have to work at relationships.  Make the most of Facebook; invite others in.

Find me on Facebook: Versatility Writing and Business Services.

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