Prescott Memoir Project and Recipes to Share

The Prescott Memoir Project is under way.  I started the project as a way to promote the importance of preserving and sharing family and personal histories, as well as commemorate the Arizona Centennial.  My goal is to have 50 memoirs submitted by Prescott residents, and then convert it into some type of publication.  If you are a resident of this area, let me know if’ you’d like the guidelines and I’ll send them off to you.  You have until the end of the year!

I’ve been working on a recipe project for one of my family members.  It consists of my scanning a collection of recipes in original handwriting, among them a few that are spaghetti splashed and stained with water rings from a beverage that might have rested on that piece of paper.  Recipes are a unique a form of memoir and they often identify phases in our lives… the first cake, the traditional Christmas cookies, the special birthday dinner.  All those come alive when we recreate the recipes from our families from past generations of relatives and friends.  What type of memoir project are you working on?

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