Three-Tip Thursday: Recharging to be More Productive

For some of us business owners or writers trying to promote a project, we have information coming at us at 1,000 miles an hour.  What do we do when it all gets to be too much?  It’s easy to just keep plugging away on the treadmill until we completely wear ourselves out, which, in the end we know isn’t the best course of action.  Sometimes it takes just a change-up to put everything in perspective.  Here are my tips for recharging those batteries.

  • Take a breather.  Right now, I’m working from a location away from my office.  It’s in a community where the views are vast and any type of city sound is almost non-existent.  Just being in a different location gives me the ability to “step back and away” literally because I am away from where I normally work.   I have a writer friend who does much of her writing at the mall; it’s where she can find inspiration for characters and takes her away from the demands of an active household, even if temporary.
  • Never stop learning.  To some of us, this might just seem like more work, but it’s often true that learning something new whether it be about business, writing or a favorite hobby, the challenge of a concept not previously explored keeps us on our toes, and motivates us to keep going.
  • Enlist some help or ask for some flexibility.  No one wants to say no to commitments we’ve made to clients and friends.  Sometimes, though, all it takes is asking for just a little more time on a project.  The few times where I’ve had to tell someone that I’ve double-booked, or underestimated how long it would take me to complete a project, I have found my clients to be much more receptive about my honesty than my own self-imposed stress to get it done.  If that’s absolutely not possible, maybe outsourcing a part of the project will let you get ahead in other areas.

What about you?   What are the best tips you have for recharging those batteries when it gets to be too much?

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