Free Friday Recommendations: Business, snails and plenty of cake…

How is it that I get so behind with my posting every week?  Anyone else have this problem??  Here it is Friday and my poor little posts have been ignored until now.  For some reason I never run out of stuff to say when it comes to book recommendations, though.  Every year, I try to read as many books as my age.  (Yes, I am over 21.)  One of my friends thought that idea was very Laura Bush.  Hmmm… you know who you are.  (I had the idea first, though.) Back to it…

The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial FreedomI blasted through a few business reads last week, including the Barefoot Executive – genius!  Carrie Wilkerson was practical, funny and realistic in her approach to helping others define and execute their passions.  Using my Nook I highlighted a ton of sites, sources and things to do while reading this one.  (While not technically a memoir, business books are a form of non-fiction that could relate to real-life and personal experiences.)

I also read a B&N Free Friday download:  The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating.  I know, right?  Aside from Product Detailsthe fact that the cover is adorable, turns out I learned more about snails than I ever thought I would — for instance, a teensy, tiny snail has… oh… 2500 teeth.  No kidding.  The storyteller is a woman who was bedridden with a form of fibromyalgia, reducing her to constant bed rest over many years; during this time, she observes the antics of the creatures in her terrarium.  Interesting… intriguing… a quick read, but not fast paced and not for everyone. I wouldn’t throw it out.  But I might adopt a snail.

NOW I’m reading one of the books highlighted in a past post about the top list to memoirs for 2012:   Anna Quindlen – Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake.  I love cake.  Love it.  Especially cupcakes.  Mmmm….   Anna’s book isn’t really about food, though.  It’s about life, and I am loving it. Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

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Today’s Free Friday Download on the Nook.

“Frank Deford is not just an immensely talented sportswriter, he’s an immensely talented American writer. The Entitled is his wise and pleasurable portrait of a Willy Loman-like baseball manager finally getting his chance in the Bigs late in his career.”
-David Halberstam, Pulitzer Prize-winning Author

Award-winning sports writer Frank Deford has covered every angle in athletics during his 50 year career. In today’s Free Friday’s selection, The Entitled, Deford turns his considerable talents to a fictional tale that mirrors the fascinating complexities of modern day Major League Baseball.

Howie Traveler never made it as a player—his one major league hit and .091 batting average attest to that. He was cursed with that worst of professional maladies, the ill fortune of ‘almost.’

Now after years of struggling up the coaching ladder, Howie’s finally been given his shot: as manager of the Cleveland Indians. But America’s pastime has changed. Whether Howie can spot a small flaw in a batter’s swing won’t matter if he can’t manage his superstar outfielder Jay Alcazar, a slugger with enormous talent (and an ego to match).

No crisis on the field fazes Jay and no woman off the field ever rejects him. But one night at the hotel Howie sees something at Jay’s door he wishes he hadn’t…and it leaves Howie with an impossible choice.

Deford’s richly detailed, page-turning tale takes you deep into America’s game. From the dugouts to the tabloid scandals, from the lights of the field to the glare of the media, The Entitled is the great novel of baseball’s modern era.



  1. N Rogers Said:

    Hmmm…pleased I haven’t committed to reading as many books as my age-I’d have to be reading most of the time! Some lovely looking recommendations this week, and the 2nd reference for me for “Barefoot Executive”. I heard about this one on The Book Report Radio Show last weekend (, Elaine played an extract of the audio book and it sounds really great! I have bought the book though haven’t got to read it yet, but hope I enjoy it as much as you did! For anyone interested, you can listen to the archived show on their website.

  2. tsblogin09 Said:

    Thanks for your comment – I will check out the audio book, I’m sure I’ll continue to find more info that I missed the first time!

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