Tech Tuesday: Film Scanner and a Final MP3?

I’m not much of a technical person; I’d rather have someone who likes that kind of thing do the work for me.  But, as a business owner who flies solo, I have realized that it’s up to me to do most of the research most of the time for equipment that I need to purchase.

Right now I’m in the market for a small scanner.  Scanners that scan and save 35 millimeter negatives and slides are popular and the prices are starting to come down.  I need something that will do the job quickly so that I can offer that as an added service to my family history photo preservation.  My flatbed scanner does the trick for big jobs, but for small images I need something more compact.  The search continues.

I’m also looking for another MP3 player.  As my husband pointed out, won’t this be my  5th one?  Why, yes… yes, it will be.  I wore out the first one purchased over twelve years ago.  The second one flew off my arm while I was taking part in the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon with my husband and friends.  The front desk staff at the Hotel Solamar in the Gaslamp District graciously held it for me until the next day.  (I had to run in there after picking up its sad little pieces on the asphalt, lest someone step on it and ruin their stride… or worse, break a leg.) The third one, one of my favorites, was stolen at a gym, and the last one was lost sometime in February somewhere in Chicago.  So, while I’d love to buy one that costs a few hundred dollars with all the bells and whistles, you can see my track record… and the probability that I’ll be doing this again next year.   SanDisk has the perfect little cutie to meet my aesthetic and budgetary needs, at a price of $34 in 5 fun colors.  I can store music, voice recordings, audio books and even photos.  Although, as you can see by the image with the hand, I’ll need a magnifying glass to look at the images.  A nice option, nonetheless.  Do you have this one?  What do you think?  What are your MP3 experiences?


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