Monday Memoir: A Trip Down Memory Lane Through A Photo Gift

This past Saturday, we were invited to a party to honor some friends of ours who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.   I decided to preload a digital photo frame with a smattering of about 160 photos that my husband and I had taken over the years that included the happy couple.  Now, if this sounds like a fun project for you, just be sure you start a few weeks in advance so that you can locate photos in albums, find photos on your computer, scan the photos that need to be put back into the albums where you found them, make adjustments to the scans, arrange them on a flash drive, and then load them into the frame in an acceptable order.  I was able to finish in time and everyone had a few laughs and tears when we plugged the frame in at the party to be enjoyed by all.

As expected in my search of photos of someone else, I found some surprises of my own.  I had been looking for years for the photo we had taken by a tourist when my husband and I were engaged during the only breakthrough of sun at the Tower of London back in 1992.  Found it!  I found several photos that belonged to my grandparents, and photos that my cousin had scanned for a scrapbook for my mom including pictures of a favorite aunt who had passed away.   I also found some photos of our wedding that I scanned and sent to my flower girl through Facebook so she could have a blast from the past.  Little did I realize when she texted me over the weekend that she was so young at the time she didn’t even remember that she had been in our wedding!

If you have a project like this in mind but don’t want to tackle it on your own, contact me so I can send you a tip sheet on organizing your photos.  If you need help with a digital gift, let me know so we can get started well before the holidays.

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