Who’s Up Wednesday – Laura Norman, Communications Professional and Frequent Flyer

I’m excited to have my pal Laura Norman contribute to my Who’s Up Wednesday blog feature this week!  Laura is a communications professional in Arizona, and has traveled many parts of the globe.  I know she’s working on a memoir of her own (right, Laura?) and this story might just be included.  Here, she offers some a useful travel tip when planning your next adventure.

From Laura:

After almost 17 years of marriage, I can say with confidence I have contracted the disease that defines my husband. Travel Addiction.

Thankfully, I am not as far along in the disease process as Bob. But the adrenaline does flow when I pull out my passport and roller bag and toss them on the bed. I’m pretty good at the ins and outs of travel, like knowing when I really need to arrive and which gates at Sky Harbor have better food options. And, given my husband’s obsessive tendencies toward travel details (and I mean obsessive in a complimentary sense),  he has taught me one trick of the trade that I will now share with you:  always think about where the sun will be relative to the aircraft as you board.

You can calculate the sun’s path roughly but pretty accurately, based on the direction you are flying, how long you going to be in flight, and when you are taking off. Then, pick the side of the aircraft where the sun will not be. Who cares, you ask? I too asked that question again and again as we boarded, calculating solar tracks before lunging left or right.

I ultimately had to admit that this little exercise was worth it. You are never battling the sun. Remember that you aren’t always the one controlling that little window shade; so avoiding the whole issue of sun in your eyes is the way to go. You can do this as you are making your reservations too, selecting a seat on the sun-free side of the plane as opposed to the first open seat that catches your eye. I use this same strategy if I know my flight is going to take me over geographic wonders. For example, flying from Phoenix to Portland, Oregon always takes you past Mt. Hood. Want the best view? When you enter the plane and head down the aisle, break to the right and grab a window seat. Then, when the pilot announces that you are passing over the area’s lovely landmark, it’s everyone else who cranes their necks for a peak. You, however, have a front row seat.

Travel can be easier and provide some hidden bonuses, like avoiding sunny glare, if you know a good Travel Addict to ask.

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