Three-Tip Thursday: Preparing for a Live TV Segment

That’s me on the Morning Scramble.

As I write this post my husband is on a local TV show promoting the Quad City Hunger Challenge, an event sponsored by Yavapai Casino to benefit a local food bank. Both he and I have been on this particular show in the past so we’ve had some time to watch our interviews and make notes of things we’d do better next time.  But, even keeping those things in mind doesn’t prevent our nerves from taking over a few days before we actually arrive at the studio.  Here are a few things we have learned when making these kinds of appearances:

  1. Prepare a cheat sheet to bring with you.  No one’s expecting you to be perfect or remember everything you’re supposed to say.  Particularly if you’re promoting an event, you’ll want notes to remind you of the important points that need to be mentioned in the limited time you are on the air.
  2. Talk to the interviewer as if you’re just having a normal conversation.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in “who’s watching,” “how do I look?”, etc., but if you just have a normal conversation the words will flow much easier and you’ll slow down.
  3. Smile!  The camera can pick up every line on our face – make sure it’s the good kind! I once thought the show was over, but the camera was still rolling.  I was caught looking “disgusted” as I looked in another direction. I’ve made it point ever since to smile when I talk… and keep smiling until they say “wrap!”

There are many more ways to ease the anxiety of public speaking.  What are some of your tips?

The Quad City Hunger Challenge is a way for businesses to compete to see who can collect the most food from August to October, to benefit the Yavapai Food Bank.  To find out more or to sign up, visit

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