Three Tip Thursday: Social Media in 30 Minutes Per Week

I once told someone during an interview that I have my social media management down to 30 minutes a week – she was a little surprised.  We know how easy it is to get wrapped up in reading all the comments and posts when we log in and then find ourselves spending the rest of our day wondering who did what and when.  But, social media doesn’t have to be a time vampire.  If you use it for business, time is valuable and your presence is important.

Once a month, I write several posts that I ramp into Hoot Suite – general, useful info about writing, memoirs, business, and colleague news with links.  This takes me a few hours, depending on how much time I want to spend writing.  I usually do this on the weekend at the beginning of the month, sitting on my deck at home so I can create posts outside of my office environment.  That’s a monthly task.  When it’s done I don’t have to worry about daily posting and I can check it off my “to do” list.  Any comments, friend requests, invitations or notices I receive that are related to social media go to my Gmail account which I check daily, but that I keep separate so it doesn’t clutter up my working inbox in Outlook.  (Facebook, Twitter and blog posts are usually not of an urgent nature!)  So, outside of that bulk writing to ramp up my month, here are my three tips for maintaining my social media for the rest of the month.

  • Log into your Hootsuite account and check your platforms for any mentions or retweets.   Make sure you have scheduled posts in the pipeline.  Go to your Twitter page and retweet 3-5 posts.  Log out.
  • Log into Facebook and scan the posts from your friends and followers.  Make 3 comments, check your inbox and log out of  Facebook.
  • Visit LinkedIn and pose a question that positions yourself as an expert in your field.  Check to see who has viewed your page and whether you need to do any follow up later.  Log off of LinkedIn.

It’s true that you can check all platforms right in Hoot suite, but I find it a little more interactive to actually jump on the individual platforms to read the posts, see the clips and photos, and scan the material.  That’s it.  You can even do the above every day (or variations, like following up with LinkedIn page viewers) and you’ll still fall within the 30 minute time limit per week.  Not per day. Per week.  Leave the luxury posting and commenting to the weekend (i.e., don’t even get me started about Pinterest!).  If you’re on social media for work, make your posts and time count.

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