Free Friday Recommendations: Pet Memoirs to Add to Your List

On Monday my blog post honored our dog Casey who we lost last year.  Writing about her got me thinking of some of the great pet memoirs I’ve read over the years,  memoirs centering around the way our pets enrich our lives.  Here are a few of my absolute favorites (and, yes, in most cases, you will shed a few tears).  Something about those furry friends…

Pack of Two: The Intricate Bond Between People and DogsLoved, loved, loved Pack of Two.  Sadly, Caroline Knapp, an amazing essayist passed away from lung cancer after having endured so many difficulties chronicled in her memoir Drinking,  A Love Story.  Pack of Two is a thoughtful book about the friendship and reliance we and our pets have with each other.  One of the best current memoirists out there is Abigail Thomas.  In A Three Dog Life, she details life as a writer after her husband experiences a traumatic brain injury .  I learned more about TBI that I ever thought I would, and have a deeper appreciation for those survivors and their caretakers.  Jon Katz is another favorite and he has written several books about his dogs… Start with A Dog Year: Twelve Months, Four Dogs and Me and then read A Good Dog: the Story of Orson, Who Changed My Life.  Even my husband’s favorite mystery writer Dean Koontz’s offers a remembrance to his long-time Golden Retriever companion Trixie, A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog Named Trixiefeatured on just about every one of Koontz’s book jackets.  His tribute is  A Big, Little Life: A Memoir of  Joyful Dog Named Trixie.  … And, let’s not forget the book that has one of the cutest covers ever:  Marley and Me. Product Details

Do you have a favorite pet memoir or pet story?

Still love my Nook, and traditional fashion I’ll recommend today’s Nook download — a Young Adult novel that’s piqued my interest:

“Beautiful and haunting. Every page tore me apart—and I loved it.”

-Lauren Kate, bestselling author of Fallen

In Cold Kiss—today’s Free Fridays selection—adult romance author Amy Garvey delivers an emotional and complex young adult novel.

When her boyfriend is killed in an accident, Wren’s life is shattered—her first love is gone, and she’d do anything to bring him back. Unlike most teenagers, however, she actually has the power to change her circumstances, since she’s inherited paranormal abilities that allow her to bring Danny back to life.

Unfortunately Wren’s perfect plan has a flaw—while Danny’s body is reanimated, the person she fell in love with has turned into a zombified shell. To complicate matters even further, Danny is now digging into the circumstances surrounding his death, and his actions could put Wren (and her family secret) in jeopardy.

Garvey’s delicate storytelling and compelling characters offer an emotional exploration of first love and loss, with a supernatural twist.

You can continue Wren’s captivating adventures in Glass Heart, the next book in Garvey’s series, available on NOOK now.

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