Memoir Monday: Happy Birthday, Dad

My dad’s birthday was this past weekend.  We lost him 25 years ago, and this year he would have been in his 90s.  Every year I write him a letter sharing events and news I would want him to know, and might have talked to him about if he were here to be a part of these times with me.

The life I live now is a life that was just beginning when my dad went in for surgery in March 1988.  I had just started dating my future husband about six months prior, and my dad and he had only met once before when my parents took us out for my birthday in February.  My dad had been in the hospital in Texas over the holidays; that Christmas is not among my favorites.  I regret that he never had the chance to get to know my then-boyfriend-turned-fiancé-turned-husband.  They would have enjoyed eachother, and played a few rounds of golf, I’m sure.  But, my dad never made it out of U of A Medical Center after his surgery and complications that followed.

I think about my dad a lot, with obvious reflections on days like Father’s Day, his birthday and special holidays.  It’s odd to think that he was not around to see “us” and to know the way my husband and I are defined as a couple in the life that has now become “my life.”

Writing him that annual letter is a way to keep him in my heart and share the life I live.

Miss you, Dad.

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  1. Barbara Said:

    Tara – what a nice post and what a touching way to remember a great man.

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