Memoir Monday: A Short Trip on Route 66

Last week my husband and I drove to Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Convention I blogged about on Friday.  On our way out to Vegas, we were a little ahead of schedule and I talked him into taking the detour into Seligman, whichRoadkill Cafe takes us right past landmarks as a part of Historic Route 66 – a true blast from the past.  It was late breakfast time and, while we didn’t opt for the heart attack on a plate that can be found at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap (mmm.. but they are great burgers!), we did have a tasty burrito at the Road Kill Café. I won’t get into what the names of the plates were called, and I’m not absolutely sure it was that much healthier — but hey, we were on our way to Vegas, right?  We didn’t stop or stay long enough to browse the kitschy souvenir shots with posters of Marilyn and James Dean peeking out of the windows, but if you’re ever in this neck of the woods, Seligman is worth the trip.  (You can find other parts of Route 66 in Williams, AZ on the way to the Grand Canyon, and Flagstaff, AZ the home of the NAU Lumberjacks


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