Blog: Three-Tip Thursday — it’s NaNoWriMo! Are you in?

It’s November 1 and I’ve just started to write a novel as part of National Novel Writing Month —   NaNoWriMo.  My novel is more of a memoir, but I figure any writing is better than none and I missed NaMeWriMo, so here I am.   The goal is 1,000 words a day.  I’ve done 1,067 words in about a half hour.  Feelin’ pretty good.  Have you ever thought about writing a novel?  Stop thinking and start doing!  Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Best to have an idea in mind.  It can be that nagging story you’ve had on the back burner for many years. Where’s it gone until now?  No where, right?
  2. Write down that idea or story.  It can be small.  You don’t have to have the whole story in mind. That’s the fun part about writing – once you start, who knows what you’ll end up with.  Enjoy the process.  Nothing will go as planned.  Just roll with it.
  3. Don’t edit.  This is the hard part for so many of us.  We feel like it has to be perfect and that we can’t make any mistakes.  That’s bull.  Write without editing.  It will always be there later for you to fix. (Eeeks!  I’m an English major and I’m even saying don’t worry about whether it’s correct or not.)

Those might be simple rules and ones you’ve heard in Writing 101 – but I think they’re worth repeating if you want to move forward.  What are you waiting for?  November is the perfect time to start that novel you’ve been wanting to hash out. Join up today!!

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