Blog Post: Three-Tip Thursday – Blogging!

Anyone can subscribe to newsletters and follow gurus who offer tips and classes on how to write a blog that will be well-read and generate business.  I read any snippets I come across all the time about how to build a better blog, and have purchased and downloaded a few reports offering information I know will increase my productivity and blog writing frequency.  But, no matter how much we read or learn about blogging, the true discipline is the writing of the blog itself.  Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Develop a template.  Have a beginning, middle, and an end to what you want to say.  Maybe you always open with an anecdote or an inspirational quote, followed by a case in point, and then your summary.  Keeping the format consistent will allow your readers to know what to expect, keep you on track and make it easy for you when it comes time to write.
  • Keep a “brainstorm list” handy.  Believe it or not, I usually set aside a few hours each week to brainstorm some ideas for blogging, whether they are ideas for my own blog, or the blogs of others for whom I write.  This saves me a ton of grief in the long run, especially if I panic and think I have nothing to write about.
  • Set aside regularly scheduled time to write, write, write.  Because I offer writing and admin support services, I have various tasks to juggle and writing can be put on the back burner if I’m not on top of it.  After learning the hard way and making myself crazy, I initiated what I now call “Writing Wednesdays” — a little part of my own marketing plan that makes me block out time on that day for writing. I don’t schedule anything else during that time.  It’s when I review the ideas I’ve brainstormed, add more content after research and, if I’m particularly productive, knock out several final posts.

There are a ton of other ways to write a blog, ways to stay disciplined and ways to engage readers.  What are your best tips for blogging?

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