Memoir Monday

I’m getting closer and closer to another milestone birthday… well, in another 11 months or so anyway.  And, just like this year, I know I’ll be reflecting on what I’ve done and where I’ve been in my (still short!) life.  Birthdays always bring me back to my enjoyment of photo projects… scrapbooks, digital albums, and recording histories of what I hold close to my heart about certain special events.

This year’s celebration took us to Sedona, Arizona for some much-needed “r ‘n r” where we enjoyed the Sedona Golf Resort, strolled down Main Street, took in a wine tasting and met up with Doc Holliday.  Really!  I took a ton of pictures that are just waiting to be crafted into something great.FEb 2013 - bday and deb 034

Past celebrations have taken us on a Verde Canyon Railway trip from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon — spectacular, and one of my favorites; San Antonio, Texas where we visited some of our best pals for a few days; Tucson, AZ where my family used to live always gives us a chance to re-visit our favorite haunts like El Corral on River Road; Chicago last year to visit a very, very good friend and her family; and Flagstaff, AZ where I went to college and where I’ll never get tired of visiting.  Something about that cold, February, mountain air.

What do your birthdays mean to you, and what have you done to commemorate in special ways?

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